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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Is Eraction Problems may be Due to Smoking If Yes then Why ?

Answer: Yes. Smoking is a big culprit for that Beacuse smoking cause Arteriosclerosis. Due to arteriosclerosis Hamper Blood Circulation in Each & Every Organ.


Question 2 : How Diabetes Hamer Sex Life ?

Answer: Diabetes in India is growing day by day and one of the important cause of Diabetic Neuropathy may cause Eraction Problem.


Question 3 : Is Regular Exercise help a patient of erection disorder.

Answer: Yes. Regular Excersice Imporve Vascularity in each and every organ of the body so regular Exercise helps a lot and indirectly manage body weight and lipid profile.


Question 4 : Is Penis size makes any Difference in pleasure of sexual activity ?

Answer: No, Penis size is more of a psychological factor in sexual activity but size does not make any different in pleasure of male or female.


Question 5 : Is mastrubation will make any harm to my coming marrige life ?

Answer: No. It is not. It is a natural and voluntary process of expulsion of collected semen out of body.