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Erectile dysfunction or impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence

Inability to have an maintained erection that is firm enough for coitus.

Erectile dysfunction could be classified as primary and secondary

Primary Erectile Dysfunction:-

A man who was never able to intercourse is known as a case of Primary Erectile Dysfunction.

Secondary Erectile Dysfunction:-

One who was able to do sex earlier many times but after that there were problems in erection is known as a case of Secondary Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can occur at any age and can assume many different terms. Total absence of Erection Infrequent more typically made with Erectile Dysfunction, partial erections that are too weak for vaginal Insertion. Sometimes there are firm erections, that quickly disappear if intercourse is attempted. In other instances, a man with Erectile Dysfunction maybe able to have normal erections under some circumstances but not others. For example, some men with Erectile Dysfunction have no problem doing masturbation, but cannot get erections during sexual activity with partner.

Other men have solid erection during extra marital sex but only feeble erection with their spouses.

So most of the time secondary erection most of time due to psychological stress but we must rule out some possibilities of secondary disease like diabetes and hypothyroidism.

So, Any disease may influence the vascularity like in smoker. Smoking is one the importance factor made bad influence on vascularity could be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

Ayurveda has a great scope to treat Erectile Dysfunction as ayurvedic drugs keeps one's mood elevated and improve vascularity and interest. One of the branch of ayurveda, specially deals with sexuality is known as 'vaji karna' and here vaji means horse and karna means like horse. Total meaning is that to prepare a man so potent that one could make sex like a horse. A horse who is well know for his sex capability.

Acharya Charak the most ancient one the school of medicine has discussed lots of preparation for vajikarna (Aphrodisiacs). Why one should use aphrodisiacs drugs as in society one conscious person should use aphrodisiac regularly because virtue, wealth, pleasure and fame depends on it.

A woman who is beautiful, youthful endowed and auspicious features submissive is regarded as the best aphrodisiac.

Instead of all these things ayurveda explains lot of herbal as well as mineral drug to improve quality of sex life.

  1. Like Kapikacchu
  2. Kharjura
  3. Satavari
  4. Mrdvika
  5. Ashwagandha
  6. Musli
  7. and some minerals like ash of mica diamond or even gold helps in restoring sexual ability in male kind as well as in female.
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